Here at Historic RallySport we use and supply original Minilite Wheels which are renowned for their strength and quality the world over. Available in Group 4 4x108 PCD or standard fitting and many colours including Silver, Gold, Monza blue and Black. The prices shown are for Gold 13" wheels and Silver 14" and 15" wheels. Please add £10.00 per wheel for all other colours. We only carry Gold 13" and Silver 15" GRP4 fittment Minilites wheels in stock, and white Revolution 13", all other sizes can be ordered and discounts are available for quantity, please call for price and availablity.

original minilite wheel 6x13 group4 fitting
minilite wheels
group four escort minilite wheel 8 x 13
9 x 13 group four minilite wheel
Minilite Wheel Minilite Wheel Minilite Wheels Minilite Wheel
6x13" Grp4 Fitting Gold
7x13" Grp4 Fitting Gold
8x13" Grp4 Fitting Gold
9x13" Grp4 Fitting Gold
£126.00 £127.00 £137.00 £147.00

minilite race wheel
racing minilite wheels
magnessium minilite wheels
original minilite wheel grp4 7 x 15
Minilite Wheel Minilite Wheel Minilite Wheel Minilite Wheel

6x14" GRP4 Fitting Silver, a wide choice of snow tyres suit this size wheel.

5.5x15" GRP4 Fitting Silver, a wide choice of snow and ice tyres available to suit this wheel

6x15" GRP4 Fitting Silver.

7x15" GRP4 Fitting Silver. £142.00

8x15" GRP4 fitting Silver.

£130.00 £135.00 £145.50 £152.00

101 5498
101 5499
Alloy Bolt in Valves
Lightweight Bolt in short valves
£2.50 each      

You can place an order or speak to a specialist about any part prior to purchase by calling us on +44 (0) 7974 330159.
We accept most major credit cards.

All prices are plus VAT @ 20% and carriage.


Sorry, WE DO NOT ACCEPT American Express.

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