We can offer a Rally winning BDA/G Engine (As supplied to Mikko Hirvonen and Jari-Mati Latvala) built here and Dyno tested using our own in house Superflow 901 Dyno, Engine's from 245 BHP to 300 BHP are available on Webber 48 SP's or Fuel Injected using Lucas slide throttle fuel injection, We can also supply engine parts such as Kent cam kits, Carrillo con rods, CP Pistons and every part to build your own Engine.

All Complete built and Dyno tested Engine's can be Shipped Worldwide using UPS

bdg engine
bdg alloy engine block with nicaseal bore
cosworth bdg cylinder head
cosworth bda/g camshafts all profiles
Brand New complete BDG Engine, built to your own specification
New Alloy BDG Block newly cast 90mm bore. FIA specification with FORD logo
New cast alloy Cylinder Heads, suit 3 or 4 stud exhaust manifolds
BDA/G Camshafts
Built and Dyno Tested at our in house facility.
Nickel seal Bore or Steel Linered FIA Specification fitted with Beryllium valve seats
All profiles available
From £23500.00 From £4150.00
£4150.00 £780.00 pair

race pistons for cosworth bdg engine
bda or bdg high beam con rods
Billet teel cranshaft for BDA/G
bda steel jack shaft
CP Pistons Carrillo Con Rods Crankshaft Jackshaft

90mm from £820.00

90.335, 90.4 and 90.5mm £950.00


Genuine Carrillo High beam £1250.00 or "H" Section £900.00
Lightweight Steel Billet Steel Jackshaft
From £850.00 From £900 £2000.00 £220.00

bda / bdg oil pump
cosworth bdg dry sump pan
bda/g narrow journal big end bearings
bda/g main bearings
Oil Pump Dry Sump Pan Bearings Bearings
4 or 5 port (unions not included)
Alloy or Steel complete with baffle and pipe Heavy Duty Big/end Narrow Jurnal Heavy Duty Main Bearings
£495.00 £485.00 £125.00 £98.00

bda/g trust washers
BDA/G Inlet valve
bda/g exhaust valve
valve springs
Bearings Valve's Valve's Valve Springs
Heavy Duty Thrust Washers BDA/BDG Inlet Valve's BDA/G Exhaust Valve's BDA/G Twin Valve springs (Heavy Duty)
£28.00 £29.00 £29.00 £490.00 Set

cosworth bda valve collets
cosworth bda valve spring retainers
cosworth bdg cam carrier
bda/g cam followers
Collets Retainers Cam Carrier Cam followers
Valve Collets Valve/collet Retainers BDA/BDG/BDT Description
£100.00 set (32)
£115.00 set (16)
from £850.00 £315.00

cosworth bda cam keeps
bda cam pulleys
cosworth bda cam belts
cosworth bda cam cover
Cam Keeps Cam Pulleys Cam Belt Rocker Cover
Description Steel Made by Gates BDG Machined from billet
£60.00 £110.00 each
£35.00 £235.00

cosworth bdg con rod bolts
bda/g belt tensioner pulley
cosworth bda jack shaft pulley
bda engine idle pulley
Con Rod Bolts Tensioner Pulley Jackshaft Pulley Idle pulley
Heavy duty Adjustable top idler Single bolt for BDG or 3 bolt fixing for early Cosworth also available.
Fix Bottom idler
£155.00 £98.00 £105.00 £88.50

bda distributor
distibutor cap
101 5373
Distributor clamp
BDA/BDG New Billet Distributor (Bosch type) Distributor cap Rotor Arm Distributor Clamp
Very reliable with better advance curve, to suit FK224 Lumenition fitting kit(not included). Comes with cap and rotor arm.
Side entry for BDA/G suits Bosch distributor
  Machined to suit Bosch type distributor. 
£405.00 £35.00 £19.00 £24.50

101 4914
works type bda throttle linkage
bda/g 10mm spark plugs
engine pulleys
Ignition Leads with 80cm King lead.
Throttle Linkage Spark plugs Engine pulley's
Complete with alloy inserts for cam cover.
BDA/G Works type

10mm BDA/G heat range 7 or 8

Crankshaft / Water pump / Alternator
£165.00 £185.00 £65.00 set £55.50 Each

ap twin paddle clutch
ap clutch plate 4 pad
ford pinto cam kits from kent
bda inlet manifolds
AP Racing Twin Paddle clutch 71/4" Cover
AP Racing Clutch plate 71/4"
Kent cam kit RL32 BDA/G Inlet manifolds
Pillar type CP7382 suit stepped flywheel
4 pad riveted pads
Pinto Engine All profiles These will need to be ported to suit your head
£585.00 £172.00 £294.50 £195.00

webber 45 dcoe carburetta
webber 48 sp carburetta
webber 50 dcoe
lumenition optronic performance ignition
Weber Carburettor Weber Carburettor Weber Carburettor Lumenition Ignition kit

Lumenition optronic ignition kit(CEK150).


Opitcal eye only £110.00 (CET150).

POA POA £390.00 £285.00

engine rev limiter
distributor fitting kits
bda front engine cover
bda rear cover
Engine rev limiter Distributor fitting kits BDA/G Front cover BDA/G Rear cover
Lumenition  FK224    
£110.00 From £25.00 £155.00 £52.00

ford cosworth bda thermostat housing
multishim bdg cometic head gasket
cosworth bda/g race engine gasket set
cosworth bdg stailess exhaust manifold
Cast Thermostat housing BDA/G multishim head gasket Cometic Full Gasket set 4-2-1 Stainless Exhaust manifold 3 or 4 stud head
BDA/G Cometic Excluding Head Gasket Developed on our Dyno to get maximum torque
£40.00 £175.00 £165.00 £950.00

12 bolt steel flywheels for bda/g engines
bda jackshaft thrust plate
bda water heater hoses
bda steel crankshaft pulley
12 bolt steel BDG flywheel. Jack shaft thrust plate Samco BDA/BDG Silicone Heater Water pipes. Lifetime warranty, available in Matt black finish
Steel crankshaft pulley
135 tooth.
  Engine to heater box  
£265.00 £65.00 £78.50 Pair £93.00

bda head stud kit inc. nuts and washers
bda cam pulley bolts and washers
bda heavy duty flywheel bolts
bda flywheel locating bush
Head Stud Kit Cam Pulley bolts + washers Flywheel bolts Flywheel locating bush
Inc nuts and washers   Heavy Duty shouldered  
£195.00 £22.00 Pair £4.00 Each £15.00

bda cam carrier mounting dowels
bdg exhaust engine studs
bda oil pump drive gear
bda cam carrier rear bungs and o rings
Cam Carrier mounting dowels Exhaust stud kit Bronze oil pump and distributor drive gears Cam carrier rear bungs and "O" rings
  Description  from Description
£25.00 pair £55.00 £78.50 £50.00 Pair

bda valve stem oil seals
cosworth bdg alloy block water pump
bda water pump
bda rear crankshaft oil seal
Valve stem oil seals BDG Water pump BDA Water pump Rear oil seal
Set of 16 Alloy Block AX/711 Iron block Description
£48.00 £138.00 £138.00 £15.00

101 5410 1
bda alternator mounting bracket
bdg alternator 90 amp
101 5307 1
Genuine Tony Law Mild steel exhaust manifold, available for 3 or 4 stud head options 2.5" bore
Alternator mounting bracket

120 AMP large output Alternator comes complete with alloy pulley.

Gear reduction Starter Motor kit.

ARK racing starter also available £575.00.

£95.00 £295.00 £215.00

bda / bdg exhaust manifold gaskets
bda / bdg exhaust manifold gaskets
throttle cable
Lucas slide throttle
Exhaust Manifold Gaskets Exhaust Manifold Gaskets Throttle cables Lucas Slide Throttle
4 Stud Cylinder head 3 Stud Cylinder head   Injection system (New)
£26.00 set £26.00 set £7.00 each P.O.A

Top & bottom water rad hoses with logo
Top & bottom water rad hoses no logo
oil heater
BDA/G Top & bottom water radiator hoses BDA/G Top & bottom water radiator hoses HT Coil lead Engine Oil pre heater,
Gloss black available with or without HRS logo. Matt or Gloss black - no logo   This fits to the side of your Oil Tank or Sump to pre heat engine oil before start up.
£58.00 per set £58.00 per set £16.50 £85.00

Air filter Product Title Product Title Product Title
  Description Description Description
£120.00 £00.00 £00.00 £00.00


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