These gearboxes are available now with either Syncromesh or Dog engagment, Please call with your requirments.

new zf gear tower with better change
ZF Input shaft + 5th gear
ZF GEARBOX ZF GEAR KIT New Gear Tower Input shaft pairs
ZF Race gearbox FIA Historic legal, with rally proven reliability.

Ratio's: 1st 2.3, 2nd 1.8, 3rd 1.36, 4th 1.14 and 5th 1.1

Much closer gear change 1"X 23 ZF Input shaft + 5th gear
£8000.00 £3000.00 £235.00 £750.00

ZF Brass forks
ZF Clutch fork
"D" Spacer
ZF Thrust Bearing
Brass Forks Heavy Duty Clutch Fork "D" Spacer ZF Release Bearing & Carrier
1st/rev 2nd/3rd 4th/5th ZF Clutch Fork "D" Spacer for between clutch fork and bearing carrier. Heavy Duty Bull nose sealed bearing, suit AP Racing clutch
£325.00 each £66.50 £12.00 £80.00

Clutch fork retaining clip
Pig tail clips
Clutch fork return spring
Clutch fork pivot pin
Clutch Fork Retaining Clip Pig Tail clips Return Spring Pivot pin
Spring Clip Side clips for bearing carrier Clutch fork return spring Clutch fork pivot pin
£8.00 £8.00 Each £6.20 £16.00

ZF Gear Lever's
ZF Gear knob
Gaer lever slotted spacer
Solid blockers
ZF gear lever's ZF Gear knob Gear lever slotted spacer Solid blockers
Straight or cranked HRS Gear knob   Hub blocker pad
£126.00 £32.00 £10.50 £28.00

Blocker pad retaining springs
Selector pads
Selector fork pins
ZF Bellhousing Dowels
Blocker pad retaining springs Selector hub pads Heavy Duty Fork Pins Dowels
 Hub Wires Fork to hub selector pads Long and Short fork pins Quick release dowel pins
£14.20 £32.00 each £21.00 each £8.60

Gear lever side turret bolts
Main case / Turret spacer block
Main case / Turret spacer block
Adjuster Rod
Turret side bolts Main case / Turret spacer block Gearbox mounting spacer Adjuster Rod for ZF Bellhousing
Gear lever side bolts Alloy spacer Alloy Spacer Slave cylinder adjuster rod
£4.20 £45.50 £24.50 £24.00

Slave cylinder
Oil seals
Genuine Girling Slave Cylinder 7/8 bore
Oil Seals, front and rear for ZF gearbox
Circlips to secure master cylinder to bellhousing
Engine / Bellhousing spacer plate
£59.00 £6.00 each
£5.00 £34.00

ZF Bellhousing
Bellhousing turret
101 5405 1
zf gearbox selector rods en24-t
ZF Bellhousing ZF Bearing Turret ZF Propshaft ZF Selector rods
Quick release, available with starter motor on left or right hand side.(BDA on right)
Bellhousing release bearing turret ZF to Atlas Propshaft Set of 3 Newly Manufactured with strengthend pins and improved material spec
From £295.00 £57.00 £315.00 £225.00 set

heavy duty zf gearbox mount
gear box insulator
zf gearbox guard/skid
zf steel syncro rings
ZF Gearbox mount Insulator ZF Gearbox skid ZF syncro rings
Heavy duty mount with boss for gearbox skid
Gearbox mount insulator Bolts to rear of sump guard and gearbox mount
Steel genuine ZF rings
£54.00 £30.00 £70.00 £205.00 each

Complete Bell Housing
fork gaitor
gearbox gasket
oil heater
Complete Bell Housing Clutch Fork gaitor Gearbox gaskets Gearbox Oil pre heater
Comes built up with all internal and external parts. fork, slave cylinder, springs, mounting bolts. Complete with alloy gaitor surround
 Complete gasket kit to suit the ZF 5 speed gearbox This product will fit to the side of your Gearbox to pre heat the oil before start up.
£645.00 £42.50 £95.00 £87.00

101 4859
Alloy ZF tunnel tower surround, swagged lip for standard Ford gaiter.
Product Title Product Title Product Title
Black powder coated alloy. Description Description Description
£28.50 £00.00 £00.00 £00.00

Product Title Product Title Product Title Product Title
Description Description Description Description
£00.00 £00.00 £00.00 £00.00

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