"Black Beauty"

Historic RallySport have decided to build there version of "Black Beauty", This car will be built with weight saving the main issue! The car just like our other cars will be built with no expense spared and the final product will be somthing special!!!.

Mark Solloway will debut the car in 2015 on the Manx National Rally on the Isle iof Man,

After the Manx the car will be put into gravel spec for the 2015 Midnightsun rally in Sweden where it will be driven by former Ford works driver Stig Andervang!!.Having won this event twice with Kenneth Backlund in 2010 and again in 2011 with former indy 500 winner Kenny Brack our aim is for a hatric of wins on this fantastic event which in our opinion is the greatest historic event in Europe!!

The body shell will arrive from our new paint shop on the 22nd of December where a day to day build can be veiwed on this page of our website.

Shell is now back forom the paint shop so the build can begin!! underbody protection and Gold heat protection are always our first job, Then it is Helicopter tape to protect areas where paint can be damaged.

Light weight oil and fuel hoses to save as much weight as possible have gone in today!

Build is coming nicely and wiring harness will go in over the next few days. Lightweight Carbon seats are due shortly along with lightweight fire extinguisher to keep total weight below 900kg!!

Guys in the workshop have had a push on to get the build as far on as possible as we are very busy with customer builds also, ATL fuel cell is on order and due early Febuary, Currently engine build for Black Beauty is 5th in line as our in-house engine build shop is again very busy with new customer engine builds and other customers getting there current engine's rebuilt for this coming season!!

We have a few special parts coming for this engine build!!as we want our star driver Stig Andervang to have the very best package for MSR 2015!!

Our own lightweight safety harnesses have gone in today which are a fantastic product! Helmet net also gone in so rear quarter windows can be fitted.

The pace has slowed down a little on the build as we are currenty waiting for some parts to arrive from our suppliers and our paint shop, Next the bell housing and gear box will be built up ready to be fitted!


Black Beauty got treated to a special registration number today!! we thought this would be a perfect number for her!! it is currently still on retention  and will be officially issued to the car after its first MOT!

Lightweight fire system has gone in today also along with a few smaller parts.

A small amount of things went in today including a Dry Brake fitting in the oil pressure line to make dashboard removal easy.

Carbon ultra lightweight seats finally arrived after a 12 week delay! now fitted and the build can progress, ATL Fuel cell arrived also just the alloy cover to fabricate this week.

Today we started the Graphic's for the car! Big thanks to Nigel at ND sign's!! Engine on the Dyno Tomorrow!!

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