Baz Jordan  ordered a new Historic RallySport Ltd Escort recently and the shell is being fabricated now in our fabricating shop. The car will be built in time for this year's Roger Albert Clark Rally which runs from December 2nd to the 5th this year! Look out as there is plan's for a star driver to drive Baz's new car on this event.

Not as detailed as prevoius shell builds but currently we are very very busy with many cars on order.

Here below are pictures of the finished fabricated shell just before it leaves for the paint shop. When the shell returns from paint a detailed day by day build of the car will be here for you to view.


The shell arrives back from the paint shop and is ready for the build.

Day 1 of the build and the car is taking shape nicely.

A few more photos.

and more.....

and more......

The engine is now on the dyno. It will then be fitted to the car ready for the test on the 28th November.

The engine is now in and the car is almost complete.

The car is now complete and Baz gets to test the car at Walters Arena in preparation for the Roger Albert Clark Rally next weekend. Baz commented "I cant belive how much better this car is over anything I have ever driven before! 10 out of 10 Sol!!"

Car is now finished and a new livery is put on the car today and the car will leave tomorrow morning on route to the Roger Albert Clark Rally 2011


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