Every component to build your own Suspension using Bilstien Damper's or we can supply complete FIA Historic Reiger Dampers built on our new Forged heavy duty stub axle's,

ford escort mk1 / mk2 heavy duty billet front stub axle
escort mk2 group 4 adjustable ride height long strut casing
bilstein insert
4" spring platform

Heavy Duty Front Stub Axles.

RS or XL (safari / modern spec) bearing options.

Wedged RS Strut Casing / Leg Inserts, various lengths available, suit Bilstein inserts.

Bilstein Front Inserts. Long or short options, rates available; 260/60, 300/70 or 300/100.

Spring platform to suit 4.25" ID flat ground coil spring.
Made from Forged EN24T Castings.
Long or Short casing.
  Alloy spring platform.
£359.00 Each £215.00 Each
£142.50 Each
£38.00 Each

lock ring
top cap 4" spring, D-hole pressed steel
high angle washer
high angle top mount nut
Lock Ring Top Cap High Angle washer High Angle Top mount nut
Alloy lock ring for spring platform 4.25" spring Top Cap Allows extra angular movement Suit Bilstein insert, this nut has a 20mm shank length
£10.75 Each
£29.50 Each
£1.85 Each
£5.20 Each

4" coil spring
101 5082
101 5083
steering arm
4.25" coil spring Top mount RBTM
Top mount RBTM
Steering Arm
Various rates and heights available.
Rubber top mount complete with very high quality spherical bearing (20mm deep) Bearing available separately £30.00 each
Rubber top mount with 10mm deep high quality SKF Axial bearing.
Strengthened arm Tarmac or  Gravel bend
£90.00 pair £92.50 Each £92.50 Each £95.00 Each

101 5080
101 5081
Large bearing alloy front hub
alloy grease cap
Alloy front hub Alloy Grease cap
Complete TCA Kit including all pictured parts and good quality rod ends

Reconditioned Genuine Ford TCA's complete kit as pictured and good quality rod ends (limited stock please ask)

Hard Anodised GP4 spec to suit larger diamter RS outer bearings.
£245.00 £395.00 £85.00 14.50

hub washer
vw hub nut
group 4 wheel stud
group four wheel nut
Washer Hub nut Wheel studs Wheel nut
Wheel bearing / nut washer Easy to adjust wheel bearing nut.VW Type.
GRP4 front wheel stud standard length or +8mm. GRP4 Wheel nut 1/2" UNF
£3.00 £14.00

£9.50 steel

£38.50 Titanium.


£3.50 each

inner wheel bearing
grp4 large outer wheel bearing
wheel bearing oil seal
wheel bearing grease / high temp
Inner Wheel Bearing.
Outer Wheel Bearing RS (large) Alloy hub inner grease seal. Wheel bearing high temperature grease
Suit GRP4 hub
Suit GRP4 hub
£36.00 Each
£24.00 Each
£6.50 Each

front disc mounting bell
group four tension strut kit
14mm anti roll bar for tension strut kit
adjustable compression strut kit
Alloy Hub to disc mounting bell.
Tension Strut Kit 16mm or 19mm Anti Rollbar kit Compression Strut Kit
Front Disc Mounting Bell hard anodised.

Gravel or Tarmac

Heavy duty Rose joints available £25 each extra

Use With Tension Strut Kit Adjustable
£29.50 £425.00 £145.00/£160.00 £205.00

 101 5024
grp4 rear turret bilstein damper
GRP4 Bilstein coilover damper
axle bump stops
4 Link Rod to axle Joint side spacers + lock nut.
Bilstein Rear Damper
Bilstein Rear Coilover Damper
Rear Axle Bump Stops
5/8"-1/2" joint
GRP4 Turret GRP4 Turret  
£38.50 £114.00 £198.00 £68.00 pair

grp4 four link rod
four link bar
GRP4 Panhard rod
Lowering block kit

Four Link Bar Complete with genuine Ford bush.

T45 with 3/8" Landrover bush £84.00

HRS Four Link Bar With Flattened Sides Complete with genuine Ford bush

Panhard Rod Complete with genuine Ford bush

T45 version £85.00

Lowering Block Kits
GRP4 Heavy Duty Bar GRP4 Flattened Sides GRP4 Heavy Duty. 5/8" joint to suit £40.00.  Available in 1", 1.5", 2" or 2.5" Options.
£66.00 Each
£62.00 Each
£72.00 Each
£32.00 kit

 axle "u" bolts
"U" Bolt plates
ford mk1/2 escort grp4 steering joint
monty carlo tarmac brake caliper
Axle "U" Bolts "U" Bolt Plates GRP4 Steering Joint AP Racing Front Caliper CP2271
Including Nyloc Nuts MK1 or MK2 (wide or narrow)
Available in either 88mm or 114mm total length depending on column size Alloy 4 pot "Monte Carlo" Front Tarmac Brake Calliper pre machined to fit GP4 Escort.
£9.50 pair £42.00 pair £48.00 £745.00 Each

ap monty carlo brake disc
ap racing 2382 rear caliper escort group4
ap 2382 rear brake caliper
AP solid rear brake disc
AP Racing Brake Disc AP Racing Rear Caliper AP Racing Rear Caliper AP Racing Rear Disc

Tarmac CP4448 suit Monte Carlo type caliper


260x25mm handed.

AP CP2382 to suit vented rear brake disc
AP CP2383 to suit solid rear brake disc
Forest Rear Solid Disc
£210.00 Each
£545.00 Each £545.00 Each £178.00 Each

ap racing rear vented disc for ap 2382 caliper grp4 escort
ap hand brake caliper
AP Handbrake cable attachment
alloy hyd handbrake
AP Racing Rear Disc CP4136
AP Racing CP2577-3EO Caliper Cable Attachment Alloy Handbrake

Forest Front or Tarmac Rear.

264x 21mm non handed.


MK1 With Handbrake cable Attachment £345.50

Standard Calliper

To suit Handbrake Caliper GRP4 Alloy Handbrake complete with .625 Girling cylinder
£185.00 £246.00 £87.50 £145.00

fia historic legal reiger damper for rear escort group4
ford escort historic reiger damper
ds3000 monty carlo front ap brake pad
ap racing 2383 / 2382 rear brake pad escort group4

REIGER rear damper FIA Legal.

Available in adjustable or non-adjustable configurations. Tarmac or Gravel options.

REIGER front damper leg FIA Legal made with heavy duty EN24T forged stub axles.

Available in adjustable or non-adjustable configurations. Tarmac or Gravel options.

DS 3000 Brake Pad FRP203R



Mintex Brake Pad

1144/1155 compound

Other Compounds also Available Including Ferodo DS2500

Developed and Shimmed with Jari-Matti Latvala Developed and Shimmed with Jari-Matti Latvala Suit Monte Carlo CP2271 front Caliper brake caliper. Suit CP2382 or CP2383 AP rear calipers
£2250 Pair £3250 Pair £135.00 £89.61

Master cylinder
track rod ends
steering arm
Genuine Girling Master Cylinders Track Rod ends High Quality Steering Quick Racks. Bronze bushed. Newly fabricated Steering column and shaft. (inner and outer)

3 sizes available

.625, .70 & .75

Genuine Ford course thread (RS2000)

(Limited Stock)

Left or right hand drive, with gators, and course RS type threads.
Available in left or right hand drive 985mm total shaft length requires "D" type GP4 joint.
£55.50 Each
£115.00 each £375.00 £165.00

mounting kit
modified pedal box
throttle pedal rhd
throttle pedal lhd
Disc to Bell mounting kit HRS spec. Escort Mk2 Bias pedal box, powder coated with strengthened  pedals and large pedal pads built with Girling master cylinder sizes of your choice and bias adjuster.
Throttle pedal Throttle pedal comes complete with throttle cable block
        Complete Right hand drive Left hand drive
£24.25 £495.00 £48.50 £48.50

world cup cross member
101 5118
101 5101

World Cup Cross Member.  Lowered rack mounts, complete with rubber bushes and powder coated black. Suits Left and Right hand drive cars.


BDG or Pinto WCXM Engine Mounting Brackets.(Pair)

Powder coated black, pre drilled.

AP Lockhead Brake Fluid Reservoir inc Bracket.
Complete bias pedal box feed plumbing kit, as recomended by FIA, includes 3 bottles, feed pipes, banjo's, bolts, saddles, clips, heatshrink and bulkhead fittings.
WCXM. BDG/WCXM Brks Brake Reservoir Complete Kit
£435.00 £85.00 £22.50 £345.50

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