Complete Historic RallySport Axle's built to order or available to buy as individual components. Using our custom built Differential you will see 2 seconds per Km faster than the ZF LSD Unit! The HRS Diff is a plated Diff with bevel plates simular to what they use in F1. Hannu Mikkola quoted "Mark what have you got in the rear axle? This car has fantastic grip in the rear"

fully floating group4 escort atlas axles
Axle brace
crown wheel and pinion
Rear Axle LSD Unit
Axle brace C.W.P
Fully floating GRP4 rear axle's built to bespoke order, various widths and specifications available, please email or call to confirm prices.

HRS plated diff has bespoke ramp angles giving better traction and less turn in understeer than the period units.Life time warranty.

Gripper LSD units also available from £950.00

10mm Alloy brace for added strength to rear axle and to support diff guard. 

4.6 / 4.9 / 5.1 / 5.3 / 5.8.
from £5000.00 £995.00 from £120.00 From £285.00

Diff flange
cwp bolts
propshaft to diff bolts
DSC05860 1
Atlas Diff flange reconditioned Genuine Ford
CWP Bolts Propshaft bolts.
Solid Pinion spacer
propshaft to diff flange atlas axle. 12.9 high tensile bolts Propshaft to diff flange bolts  available in 11mm or 12 mm thickness.
£55.00 £6.50 each £5.75 each £6.00

solid pinion spacer
pinion nut
atlas axle pinion seal
pinion bearings
Solid pinion spacer Pinion nut Pinion seal Pinion Bearings
Various sizes atlas axle pinion nut Atlas axle pinion seal Inner and outer pinion bearings
£4.00 each £10.00 £25.00 £35.00each

Diff shim's
Pinion shim
Hub bearings
Alloy hub
Diff shim's Pinion shim Alloy hub bearings Rear Alloy Hub
Size's 0.10 / 0.15 / 0.20 / 0.25 / 0.50 1mm / 40 thou Taper bearings Twin taper alloy rear hub(Hard Anodised). Lightweight option available on request.
.90 pence each £1.50 £25.50 £80.00

Diff side bearings
Caliper skid
Half moon clamp
Diff side bearings Rear caliper skid New Atlas axle rear cover. Half moon back cover clamps (pair)
Taper bearing  each   Steel £25.50
£25.50 £16.00 £48.50 Alloy £35.50

Diff cover gasket
Watts cover
Rear wheel stud
Rear wheel nut
Back cover gasket Watts linkage diff cover Rear wheel stud Wheel nut GRP4
    Steel £14.50  1/2" UNF
£8.00 £150.00 Titanium £55.50 £3.50

'O' ring carrier
Lock ring
'o' ring
Hub oil seal
"O" Ring carrier Split lock ring "O" Ring Oil seal
  L/H or R/H Rear hub seal Rear alloy hub oil seal
£11.00 £14.00 £1.25 £5.00

Half shaft oil seal
Hand brake cable attachment
101 5041
101 4789
Oil seal Hydraulic handbrake cable attachment for MOT purposes. 745mm Fully floating axle Half Shafts (3.6kg each), or lightweight Gundrilled version (2.6kg each). £595.00 each. 

Fully floating flanges.

Lightweight versions also available.

Half shaft oil seal   740mm 745mm
£4.00 £56.00 £220.00 each
from £85.00 each

101 5406 1
101 5408 1
101 5039
101 5031
Dummy Rear Leaf Spring
Rear disc bell Diff erential skid HRS Diff. Rebuild Kit.
High Quality Dummy plastic rear leaf springs, perfect for homoligation/FIA, uses standard rear shackle
Hard anodised alloy rear disc mounting bell. Powder Coated Steel Atlas Axle Skid. Contains Thrust washers, Friction plates,Static plates and Belleville washers.
£155.00 pair
£39.50 £72.00 £250.00

101 5904
101 5942
Axle correction.JPG 2
Mulitleaf rear spring
Rear Slipper Spring Kit

NEW Rear Leaf Spring Shackles

Atlas axle toe correction kit

146lbs 5 leaf rear slipper spring (gravel) or 2 leaf slipper version for tarmac.

Suit either MK1 or MK2 Escort Complete kit. (Spare PTFE Bushes £6.00 each)

Rear leaf spring hangers to suit 60mm wide leaf springs.

Poly bushes to suit £2.00 each.

Complete toe correction kit to suit atlas axle.
£295.00 pair
£48.00 £47.50 pair
£135.00 kit

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